The Dream in Your Soul

You have an invitation                                                     to live a life of what can be

There have been many seasons of struggle for myself as there are for every entrepreneur who is seeking out the path on which to live their dreams.  We long to find happiness and validation often times with creative ideas that are not usually welcome in corporate settings.

I applaud the inventors and the performers who are able to develop creations that will draw generations out-of-the-box.  I am astounded at the beautiful minds of men that have designed tools to assist us in running our households, businesses and international exchanges from the palm of our hand.  I am exhilarated by the women who have crashed through the glass ceilings and left the controlling comrades in the glistening dust as they blazed trails through trials and tears for us all.  They came out from under blankets of fear to design a new world for us all far and near.

What does it take to walk out the adventure you were born to run?  How do you explain this to your daughter and son? What keeps one running when it’s all you can do to temper the tears that stream down your face?

You have a dream in your soul.  Acknowledge that you are not the one who put that dream there. You have faith that it will work.  Know that you are not the creator of faith.  You have an invitation to live a life of what can be, which is not what you presently see. You possess gifts and talents that you did not deposit into your being.  There is a responsibility one must embrace, mostly alone, in the honing of skills that will put you in the success zone.

This will lead to the next step on the path and open doors that you know did not even exist before.  Or did they?

Perhaps time was waiting for you.  For you to be the person who can see… opportunity that was once muddled and grey and hidden away.  Isn’t it time you step into your place, ready to look your dream in the face, and be all that you can be?

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