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Self-Discipline ~ Your Door to Freedom

Today we’re going to talk about a topic that can affect how successful we are in this business and in life and it has to do with our mind set.  Our mind set is basically how we look at things!  It has nothing to do with our gifts and talents, but how we perceive situations, people, and conversations.

Do we have eyes to see an opportunity when it’s standing in front of us or do we choose to stick with our limiting beliefs without even realizing it?

Have you heard the story about the two shoe manufacturers who traveled to a new country looking to expand their markets? The local people were different from the customers they were used to selling to because these people did not wear shoes at all!  They walked around barefoot all year long!  The first shoe manufacturer says “There’s no market here – the people don’t even wear shoes”!  The second guy says “There’s a huge market here – nobody wears shoes yet”!

How I perceive a situation, is going to dramatically affect what action steps I take and how I take them!  Something to consider is that my mindset and your mindset is something we choose it doesn’t just randomly occur.  Once we understand that, we can make adjustments that will affect our lives in a very positive manner!

Sometimes when we hear the word “self-discipline” we perceive this as a negative, restricting word that is somehow connected with four letter words like DIET or WORK. But I want to encourage you today to open your mind to a new perspective of the word self-discipline and hopefully by the end of this training you will see that it is actually a doorway to freedom!

It’s good to ask ourselves: Are my thoughts helping me accomplish my goals? Or…. Are my thoughts getting in the way of achieving those goals?

For example if a prospective client or colleague  has promised to call me back at a certain time and they don’t, do I start choosing to feel angry, frustrated or offended? Do I look at them in a lesser light now? When I finally do talk with them, does my voice have a sharp edge to it?

When something like that happens, do I go down the path of judging them as a loser, as irresponsible or rude?  But How many times when that person didn’t call did I later find out that they had a perfectly good reason and my judgement of them did not serve me well?

Is my mindset hurting my relationships?

Are my thoughts hindering my own success?

The very purpose of self-discipline is so we can get what we want in life and not settle for what we don’t want.  Self-discipline is all about feeding and training the subconscious mind.  Up until this point in time we may have thought self-discipline was designed to wreck our fun, make us eat vegetables or force us to exercise.   But when we discipline our focus, on who we want to be and what we want to attract, we will be amazed at how long we have been cutting ourselves short!

Let’s define: self-discipline – it is the ability to overcome weaknesses and to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.

In other words, I am basically training my conscious mind to be led by my subconscious and not to be led by crazy notions and wild emotions.  It’s all about taking possession of our own minds and not letting fear or limiting beliefs run us!

All of our thoughts, (good or bad) evolve into ideas and physical manifestation.  When our thoughts have become habits, the subconscious mind simply carries out the orders it has been given!

Do you remember the boomerang? Think of it this way! Thoughts are vibrations released into the earth bringing back to us what we put out there!  Everything we plan, our purpose in life, our physical health, our financial situations – they all begin with thoughts.  This is why personal development reading and self-discipline are designed to work for our own benefit!  They help to keep bad stuff away and goodness flowing to us and thru us!

Have you ever thought about this: the subconscious mind has control over every part of our body – it helps organs to function, it battles disease, it regenerates cells….All of this is going on without us even knowing about it!  Can you see how it can also work for us in attaining desired results in business, life and relationships?

Whatever habits we establish, will be reflected in our subconscious mind.  Have you heard the phrase – “That which he has feared greatly has come upon him”?  That is an example of focusing on what he did not want to see happen!

When our thoughts are focused on what we desire in life the subconscious mind will grab that desire and cause manifestation.  Self-discipline simply helps us to think right!  Proper thinking triggers the subconscious to bring forth the desired result.

So what is your next step?

What is your next goal for your business?  Sometimes people have amazing and huge goals for the growth of their business and I applaud that.  But what is the next goal – you know…. The one right in front of you?  The one that will serve as a stepping stone to the amazing and huge goal?  What is that activity that needs to get tackled to get to the big stuff?

I heard a man say something recently that raised some eyebrows once when he said “Just because you believe it doesn’t mean you can achieve it”!  WOAH!!!!! What did he just say? Just because you believe it doesn’t mean you can achieve it?

For example: If your dream is to be in the NFL and you’re already 48 years old… that’s not reality!  Even though you may believe it!

The odds for achieving your dream increases based on the amount of control you have!  Self-discipline helps us to sharpen our focus on that which we can control like ….our attitudes and our activities.  Most of our behavior comes from routines we have developed.  Good question to ask myself is this:  Are my behavior patterns leading me to success?

What needs to change? How do I look at time?  My time?  How do I spend my time?  If I have a full time job and I think I am going to build a thriving and successful business and I come home after an eight hour shift at work and plop on the coach for three hours of Netflix – I may believe I am building a business …… but that’s not reality!  If I have excuses (but we don’t call them excuses we call them reasons, or family responsibilities or work related issues)

But they really are excuses as to why I don’t attend my weekly team meetings and somehow I believe I am building a motivated team of business partners – I am in La La Land!  I can’t expect my team to do what I don’t do.  Even if they are not in my area!  Whatever I am sowing I am reaping like it or not!

If I am not showing up for my own business there is going to be a price to pay!  My family won’t take me seriously – my co-workers will think I’m a flake because I have been telling them all about this great project I’m working on…. But I’m not even showing up for my own project!  I’m not doing what I know I should be doing.

My actions as well as my lack of action will affect everyone under my sphere of influence!  And pretty soon….if I’m not doing the right thing, I won’t have a sphere of influence.

You see…..what we are doing in this adventure of entrepreneurship is changing the world!

Following healthy commitments of business ownership is basically learning to walk in this new land.  Sharpening our skills and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone regularly is learning to run.

Maybe it would be helpful to think of running your business like a track and field event. There’s a time of preparation,  mentally and physically – a time of stretching – sprinting and keeping our head on straight when it looks like we’re not going to beat the clock….This time.

There’s also an element of running your race like it’s a marathon – we’re in it for the long haul – we’re in it to win it and not quit.  Don’t quit on yourself!  Don’t give up on your family!  They need to see you succeed!

Self-discipline is not a bad thing, it is simply the way to lay down the foundation for your race.  Only you can run your race!

No one else has your DNA! Nobody else is like you!  This world needs your unique abilities and strengths.  But you need to ask yourself:

Do you have the courage to run your race?

And are you committed to bring others with you?



As an entrepreneur, you may be building your business in various ways.  One of the paths you may engage in is the art of recruiting.  Let’s take a look at the word “RECRUIT” as an acronym  and pull some helpful tips to empower you in recruiting the team you desire to grow your business.

R is for Relationship: In a healthy relationship there is give and take. So for example if someone asked you what you do, it may be better to answer with a sentence that will create more conversation.  I may answer that question like this: “I offer business owners and family’s equal access to equal justice”. And then I stop and see what their reaction is.  The wrong way would be for me to pull out the sales person in me and start giving them a presentation.

They did not ask for a presentation.  They simply asked a question. Then what happens?  Their eyes glaze over, they start checking their text messages on their phone basically ignoring me. But I have gone into Super Hero Sales Mode and I am absolutely oblivious that I have shut them down and they now have no interest in talking with me!

If we have been guilty of doing that it – let’s make the adjustment today and realize it will benefit us MORE if we listen and ask questions and NOT do all the talking! The most important words spoken will be the ones coming from the prospect – not us!

E is for Extend Hope:  People all around us are facing challenges! They may be experiencing a divorce, job loss, financial distress…. OR they may have a new baby coming into their life or are purchasing a new home, new car etc… Whatever folks are experiencing one way for us to extend hope to them is to say “I know of a service that could help you”.

And leave that phrase hang in the air! If they are interested we’ll be able to tell by their response! It’s not up to us to be the tool remember – so if they are curious, we can simply say if you wish to learn more I can send you some information, or a short video …..  This way we are becoming a resource to them to extend hope for assistance in whatever season of life they are in!

C is for Care Enough to Ask Questions:  I met a man at an event who just moved to our area from across the country. Why? His wife died a couple months ago and he grew up here and needed to surround himself with family.  How do I know all of this? I care enough to ask questions! When I go to a networking event I show up early.  Why?  Because the new people always come early!  I want to be the one who greets them, makes them feel comfortable, get them a coffee, introduce them to others and welcome them so they can feel like they belong to a fun group of professionals and build their business!  But I won’t know how to introduce them to others if I don’t ask questions!  I won’t know what they need or who they need to connect with if I don’t listen to the answers they give me! Asking questions can be done with cold leads over the phone as well as face to face situations – it doesn’t matter!

R is for Remember to Follow Up: I have had people ask me if I ever follow up more than 3 times.  OMG YES!  MOST sales have not happened until you have followed up between 8-12 times!  MOST sales people give up on the 3rd follow up! I follow up with people even when they tell me “This isn’t for me” – I say great – no pressure – would it be ok if I just follow up with you in 6-8 weeks just to check in and see how you’re doing? I have never had someone tell me no to that question – why?

Because I am honoring their decision.  I am not pressuring them or trying to convince them and I am just being friendly!  I followed up with a man for four years like that – ever six – eight weeks.  I learned a lot about him!  I knew the name of his dog, his kids, his grandkids…. He was a very high powered criminal attorney – which I did not know until year 3 or 4! In that time period his wife got sick, passed away, he spent all his money to save her life – lost his home, lost his business…. It was devastating for him!  And it wasn’t until he was living in a room in his daughter’s house did he then see the value of becoming a business associate!  But if I didn’t follow up with him – I would never have known any of that!

U is for Understand Your Timing May Not be Their Timing:  In the story I just shared – when my phone friendship began with this man – (And he was a cold lead call by the way) – when we first spoke he had no interest in working with us!  He was on top of the world!  He had a powerful reputation – made great money – loved what he was doing…. But people’s circumstances can change in a heartbeat!

In marketing people need to see something 7-12 times in several ways before the information registers in their brain ONCE!

I is for Initiate Meaningful Conversation:  When my kids were small they were often in social settings with a lot of adults, so I taught them to have questions in their mind that they could ask other people so they felt like they were a part of the event and not just off playing in a corner.  In our house this was part of them learning good manners.  Now grant it some questions would come out of their little mouths that no one was prepared for….. For example my son especially would approach the older adults and apparently he was intrigued by how old they looked, so he would ask them questions like: “Are you older than God”? Now I have no idea why he would ask a crazy question like that, but the plan is to ask meaningful questions!  Something to get the other person talking!  Questions that would show them that we’re interested in who they are!

Maybe questions like….  How did you get into that line of work?  Is that your passion? I have gotten more response from asking people about their passion than any other question!  Try it – let me know the results you get!

T is for Track Progress:  Use a CRM – whether it’s – or even a notebook – take notes  write what they tell you so you have it the next time you follow up with them!  I recruited a man this week – he was a Cold Lead – He already had our services but did not remember the name of the person who signed him!  Why is that?  Because that person never reached out to him again!  He sold him the service, gave the new member his business card and said if you ever need me call me.  He never helped him use the service – he never loaded the apps, never even told him about the business opportunity! This cold lead’s service was days from being cancelled!  I saved the plan for whoever the associate was, but I also sold this prospect an additional service and brought him on board as a business partner!

HOW?  Because I built a relationship, extended hope, cared enough to ask questions, remembered to follow up, understood his timing might not be my timing, so I continued to initiate meaningful conversations and track the progress.

Remember the fortune is in the follow up!

I hope these tips today helped you.  If so, I invite you to post a comment to encourage others as well!