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They are all around us you know, those angels who appear in our lives at just the right time.  My first encounter with such a creature was when my first daughter was only three months old.  I was driving her in my car following her dad as we were about to move to a city we had never been to before.  He lost track of us on the freeway and I was panicking trying to keep up with him.  I maneuvered into the fast lane and all of a sudden a huge explosion took place and my front tire had a blow out at 70+ miles an hour!  (Probably closer to 80 mph but I wasn’t sure if I could get a ticket now for speeding 25 years ago) My infant daughter started screaming as her already stressed out mom attempted to careen the vehicle around traffic in every lane.  We finally landed on a little triangular patch of safety between the slow lane and the exit ramp.

My husband at the time was long gone.  Seems he didn’t notice our dilemma and assumed we were close behind.  (This is why they invented rear view mirrors so one might actually notice if the person following them was still there). We didn’t have cell phones back then so we were pretty much on our own.  I tried to comfort my baby and figure out what to do when an angel appeared.

He took the form of a large man driving an airport shuttle.  He pulled over, got out of his vehicle and smiled.  Without ever exchanging a word he simply pulled out super natural equipment that we on earth call tire changing gear and changed my tire.  I held my baby girl watching this total stranger aid me in my time of need.  He never said a word, just got back into his heavenly shuttle and flew away!

The past seven days I have again witnessed the presence of angels with hidden wings.  Only this time they have appeared as business associates, networking friends, my daughters cheer team, her classmates, family and many precious friends.  There have been angels of finance and angels of rest.

One angel saw our story on Facebook (did you know angels read Facebook?) and even though she was a total stranger to us, she messaged me.  She invited me to her home near the beach and this complete stranger handed me the keys to her home and then left town for seven days.  Who in Los Angeles does this?  Angels are always on the go you know.  I think if they stay in one place too long their sparkle starts to show! And no one is supposed to know that they are secret agent angels.

This angel knew we needed to get away from the chaos and rest.  This angel of compassion gave us a home for a week to restore ourselves emotionally, a place of peace. Even her neighbor came by bearing gifts! Who gives a total stranger the keys to their house and then leaves town?  Angels with hidden wings do.

I encourage you to think of a difficult time you may have had in your life.  You may have felt alone but you were not.  We are never truly alone.