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Parenthood is the ultimate Project Management Career; the only difference is that this job comes with no prior experience, no human resource department and no employee handbook.  The boss is usually a two-year-old and the best skill one could have going into this position is a desire and knack for winging it all day every day for eighteen years non-stop!

When one becomes a new parent, we somehow think there is a daily planner built into the experience somewhere.  We may be looking for that personal assistant who is supposed to be helping us.  It’s hard to imagine that such a huge job has no survival tips package handed to us.  Some days it seems like there is a plan but it usually gets delayed or derailed due to the unexpected arrival of the CEO Miss Bossy Pants or the President Mr. Whiney Buckets who feel compelled to announce to the world that they are unhappy, hungry, tired and irritated because there is something in their shoe. Or better yet, perhaps on this particular day somebody looked at them wrong!

As a mother of three I remember a lot of sleepless nights, many moments of tears streaming down the face, blubbering, whining etc. and that was me – not the kids!  I remember feeling lost in my own house!  There was a never ending sense of not knowing where to start or what I was supposed to be doing at any given moment.  And on those rare occasions when I did figure it out, there was an interruption that changed the entire course of my day.

If you have ever been there, then you understand!  Let me encourage you with these words of wisdom: Do Whatever You Want!  Do what YOU want to do and have FUN doing it!  If Mom is not having a good time – nobody is!  The temperature gauge for a happy home is set by Mom – (as if you needed more pressure put upon you)!

Be encouraged to know you are not alone – even when you feel like you are. Kids will push buttons as long as you let them.  Spouses may never step up to bat and we may feel like we are spinning 1000 plates at 100 mph and you are. The truth is, we have the power to make our lives be whatever we want them to be!  We can choose what we think about and we can evaluate those thoughts to see if they are indeed serving us.  We get to choose!  If the thoughts are not serving us well, then simply trade them in for a new set of thoughts.