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When we were small children growing up we had great dreams of becoming a fireman, actor, dancer, astronaut, nurse or even a super hero.  The people around us applauded us and encouraged us in our efforts to make our print on society.  But somewhere down the line, decades later when we tell of our dream of being or doing something unique and grand, that same crowd who once applauded us is now telling us all the reasons why we can’t do, become or create.  What happened?  The costume came.

We were now expected to put on a suit of clothes to conform to what the generations before us did: go to school, get good grades and get a job.  Do what your dad and grand dad did.  Follow in the family footsteps.  Don’t create waves.  Don’t rock the boat.  Here, here is your costume, put on your mask and be happy you have a mask to put on!  And for goodness sakes, don’t even think about creating that new app that will change the world.  Be happy with what you have.

Has anyone ever heard these lines?  Well, on this day of costumes and candy I would like to encourage you to take off the mask you have been told to wear and dare to be the real you.  Shred that costume of conformity and embrace the creative you, the one who has dreams and ideas and inventions that will enhance the world in which you dwell.  Try something new ~ try being you!

All things are possible!  Nothing is out of reach.  The strongest limits are only those within your own mind.  This is your time to fly!  This is your year to do great things! Don’t fly low because you think it’s safer – your comfort zone is not a safety net.  There is no safety net, so why not be the super hero you long to be?  The world is waiting for you.