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One of the nights we had spent in the Red Cross shelter during the Sand Fires I had the opportunity to meet someone special.  When I first saw this woman I knew I was in the presence of beauty and elegance.

My daughter and I had gotten up early hoping to beat the clock to get a shower and then realized there were no showers!  Strange how we have routines and are in shock when we realize there is no way to carry on with life as you have known it!  Grateful were we that the Red Cross volunteers had wipes, because on this day wipes were your friend.

The volunteer team of compassionate personnel had breakfast spread out for us.  As we enjoyed our fruit and yogurt we found ourselves seated with the elegant lady.  She was clothed in fine linen, had beautiful jewelry, hair in place and while she was no longer in her youth, she was stunning.  She sat across from me watching Halie and I making humor in the light of our own situation.  I caught her gaze and asked how she was holding up, knowing this absolutely must be her first time being in a shelter, sleeping in a room with lots of strangers, crying babies and the homeless.

The elegant lady was in a state of flux, trying to figure out her next move, just like the rest of us. She was waiting to hear if her home was still standing and worried for her tenants.  I could feel her strength but longed to encourage her and as I shared my Ziploc bag story (see blog titled “What Do You Choose”). She started to weep.  What she shared with me next was profound.

“Life is like a stage play.  Sometimes you have the job of pulling back the curtain. There may be some shows when you are the one who designs the set. And then there may be those opportunities when you are the one in the spotlight.  Our time on earth can be a beautiful performance but we must realize everything is temporary and we can choose to enjoy the role we are in for the time we are here.”

What season and what show are you in?  Are you happy to be in the wings pulling back the curtain to reveal a message for all to see?  Or are you the one creating something of substance and beauty that will enhance the show in ways others may or may not even notice?  Perhaps you have a bit part in only one scene, but can you see how your part is critical in the lives of those around you?  And for those who have been given the opportunity, or role of a lifetime, do you realize everyone is watching you on stage, feeling what you feel, absorbing your every word?

Life indeed can seem to be a stage play.  Why not embrace the role we have in each season and make the best choices for the cast, the crew, the audience and you?