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Have you ever had one of those days when things just were not going well?  You know, the kind of day where you wish someone would give you a magic wand to make all the bad stuff cease so you could feel good again? Well, here are some tips that take 10 seconds to happiness!

Thoughts come to us in all sorts of circumstances: we get cut off at the light, someone steals what we think is going to be our parking spot, a phone call irritates us, or we feel taken advantage of by someone close.  Just one of these episodes can start a trickle of negativity whispering in our ear.  Well, here is an instant game changer that has proven to be very effective.  Every time I wash my hands I say to myself that I am cleansing away all negative thoughts.  I choose to rinse away every bad vibe that has tried to attach itself to me and then enjoy watching it go down the drain!

Did you know that we can become creatures of good habits as well as bad?  Do you realize that most of our body is made up of water? Waking up each day is the best time to hydrate your organs.  Organs?  Yes, your brain, heart, kidneys, liver etc.   So before grabbing that coffee, try drinking 16 oz. of water first.  Water gives us energy, dehydration depletes it.  Water clears away the toxins and makes our skin youthful and vibrant while dehydration adds to the wrinkles.  When you have a choice reach for the water instead.

I decided to implement some stress reducing habits to reinvigorate joy in my daily journey.  Oxygen is a pretty important element to our existence on earth, so why not breathe deep?  Each time I sit down I let out a huge breath on purpose ~ consciously releasing the stresses of the day that made it my way.  Letting go of stress helps us to travel light in life.  Bringing big breaths back in fills us with the oxygen needed to think clearly and feel good.

Last but not least, I know if I am the focus of my day – I am doomed.  I try to look outside myself, beyond my circles and see who I can reach out to that may need strength or inspiration.  I have a notification set up in my phone that rings twice a day and asks me this question: Who will you add value to today?  This is a great reminder that we are not alone on this planet, we are surrounded by fellow citizens of earth who may need a smile, words to revitalize or even a tip to ten seconds of happiness as well! Get Happy ~ Click Here!