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The spirit of being grateful can be upon us even as cities all over the land are in all systems go mode.  With the hustle and hassle of traffic and long lines it’s good to bring to remembrance the reasons we have to be grateful.

Some I know are juggling many emotions, disappointments and stress, but making a slight adjustment in a daily routine could do wonders for the soul.  Everyone starts their day with some type of pattern; a hot cup of tea and a good book, coffee and the news, emails etc.…  Whatever your daily habit is, why not make a slight adjustment for some major results?

I encourage you to put yourself first each morning and write down three or more things you are grateful for that day.  Sounds simple – right?  For some yes, but for others they may have a twinge of resentment because of what they are personally experiencing in their own home right now.

Maybe you’ve hit a rough patch and are struggling emotionally, physically or financially.  I am writing this especially for you!  We all hit hard times at least once in our lives and I have found that there were specific tools that helped me to get through it all – being grateful is one of them!  You may be thinking even now that you don’t have much to be grateful for, so with that, I challenge you.  Even if you write down that you have a cup water when you are thirsty, that my friend is reason enough to be thankful.

As you give some time and attention to writing down your grateful thoughts, you will notice at least three benefits:

Opportunities Shall Come – When we are looking for the good in life, surely that is what we find!  As we take the time to see and appreciate (even the little things) we will start noticing and yes, even expecting good results.  Whatever we are expecting, we will experience in our world.

Peace of Mind – When we adjust our focus in life and look through the lens of a thankful heart, we begin to realize there truly is no reason to stress – everything is going to work out.  We no longer linger over fearful anticipation or angry thoughts.  We start to discern that that would be a misuse of our time and energy; only producing isolation and bitterness.

Attitude Alteration – One of the most famous billionaires of our time, Sir Richard Branson, once shared that he does not hire people because of their skills, because a skill can be taught.  He hires them because of their attitude.  In a moment of reflection it may be good to ask ourselves if perhaps we have lost an opportunity or a relationship because of our own acidic attitude.  If we want to experience love, abundance and joy, know that attitude is everything!

Thanksgiving does not have to be a single day of celebration, it can be a way of life and anticipation.  It’s not only about being grateful for the seemingly insignificant elements of life, it’s who we become in the process.