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Change makes its way into all of our lives.  Sometimes we sense it coming and try to push it back, thinking we will somehow block its intrusion.  Other times change is thrust upon us by a decision of another person, or the sequence of events that catch us off guard. Either way this thing called change will continue to affect our lives like it or not.

So often we question how we’re going to get through this or how is this new development going to impact my life. The real question should be: how will I embrace the new?

Embrace with Grace – Take a breath!  Even though transitions are inevitable, we are rarely trained to handle them with ease. We tend to be creatures of habit that resist revisions. Take comfort in knowing that the universe saw this coming and is prepared to roll with it even if we are the one that’s surprised.

Free from Fear – Whether this season of life involves the passing of a loved one, a job loss, a health challenge or financial disaster, decide now the #1 thing not to do.  Make the choice now that fear is not an option. Fear chokes the creative side to us that comes up with solutions.  It constricts us, making it difficult to concentrate, let alone recognize opportunities when they appear. It’s imperative to choose to live in the no fear zone!

Enjoy the Ride – We can spend twelve hours of our day wrestling with anxiety or we can make better use of our energy.  Either way that same amount of time will lapse, but it’s how we spend it that counts! When the challenges of change come our way, it’s all about choice!  We get to choose how we will respond. We can decide to cut fear off in the pass, or let it run right over us. We determine the setting of the sails, the people we listen to and the advice we will consider. Nothing is ever thrust upon us that doesn’t also carry an element of selection. There is much to consider during times of transition. Maybe consider this: the next time a challenge has been sent our way, perhaps it’s because there is something in us that needs to change.