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There are many ways to begin a day, but I have found that if I start my day writing down that which I am grateful for, I tend to enjoy life to a better degree.  There are so many negative things going on in the world that are screaming for our attention.  How easy it would be to succumb to those voices. How quickly it is to get pulled into anger, outrage or disgust over the big and small injustices around the globe.  Why not start from the sweet spot of choosing to be aware of that which is a blessing?

What are you grateful for today?  Some days I am happy just to have a hot cup of coffee in the morning.  Other days I found joy in the ability to help a new client.  It’s not the object of our gratitude that counts, it’s who we become as we reset our brain with awareness of the good that surrounds us.

I have been in households that start their day with the news, the no good, the bad and the ugly views of our planet and the pain therein.  I never understood why these precious people would want to fill their souls with death and tragedy first thing in the morning.  I wondered why they never noticed how angry they were all the time, so bitter, so fearful, and sad.

Science has shown us that whatever we focus on grows!  If we look at the negative we will continue to see that which is dark in those around us.  If we perceive that we are the victim of circumstances that is exactly the type of journey we will experience.  Not because it is true, but because we have chosen that to be our path.

If we look for the good we will find more of it!  If we choose to see the achievements and disappointments of life as an adventure, that will be our reality.  Life will be one amazing ride with wonderful lessons to learn along the way.  We will continue to be delighted with the people who come into our circle bringing timely messages when we needed them most.  We will be astounded at the increase of finances coming to us from unexpected resources.  Our experience of life will be one of clarity, favor and strength of the spirit ~ all of this, just because we chose to look at the good, the great and the possible!