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I wonder how many times we have heard or seen something and the message that was intended to be was not the message that was understood.

There once was a young boy riding in the back seat of his parents’ car gazing out the window.  As they drove through the city he noticed a sign on a building that said: “Cocktails and Dancing”.  He immediately imagined the magic that place must contain.  He knew from the sign that there was a full orchestra in that building with men in tuxedos and ladies in long beautiful gowns twirling across the dance floor!  For the next sixteen years he looked forward to being old enough to walk through the doors of that elegant entertainment venue.  You can imagine his surprise when he discovered that there was no orchestra, but instead a dive bar with a jukebox.

Life can be full of surprises.  Those same surprises can become disappointments due to how we perceive them.  Anxiety and excitement are two very similar emotions, but based on how we choose to view them, we can be fearful or we can embrace the element of the unknown. We have the power to choose what we believe.  We can look at the devastation of a fire and see destruction, or we can think of it as a cleansing.  We can look at the loss of belongings or we can embrace the freedom that comes when one no longer has the burden of carrying stuff around.

How we choose to look at life’s episodes can either enlarge us or diminish us.  We can be launched into an adventure of turning complete strangers into friends or we can isolate in our pain and shut ourselves down to every opportunity that may be trying to come our way.

We don’t always know what challenges are waiting for us around the corner.  We do get to choose to look at circumstances as happening for us rather than to us.  During our time on this planet, we are surrounded by people who are waiting to become our friends.  Why not make this the most amazing adventure ever?  Embrace the unknown, love it for what it is and know that you have the power of perspective to make life work for you or against you.  The choice is yours.