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At some point in time, we all must surrender to uncertainty. We are never trained in this; in fact, we are taught the opposite!  We are told to plan, stick with the plan and do not get off course. But what happens when the wind brings a new set of circumstances? What do we do when there is a hurricane of the heart and change is imminent?

It is all about perspective. What one person sees and what the other sees will be quite different no matter how intertwined we are in life. Each person looks at a situation through their personal lens of experiences, past pain, strengths, downfalls and destiny.

One may see change as an opportunity that is empowering while the other sees it as a threat to their routine. One may look at an action that needs to be taken as healthy, while the other views it as devastating.

We share so much in common on planet earth and yet we bring a multitude of differences to the tables of communication. When it feels like there is a whirlwind of decisions to be made in life, it may be beneficial to follow three simple steps:

What Does the Heart Say? – Some of the most valuable moments are spent in silence. Make time to get quiet, away from the screens of entertainment, social media and texting to simply be at rest with oneself. What does your heart say to you? What adjustments need to be made that will enhance the journey? Take time to listen! Journal if you wish.

Do Not Broadcast – Other people will gladly give you opinions on what they feel you should do if you let them! When making a life changing decision, do not share.  This is the time to get wisdom from deep within, this is not the time to talk about it with family, friends or co-workers.  Think of your life as a precious diamond mine and you are the only one who knows where to dig next. Others will have their suggestions which may pull you off your proper path and distract you from the right road for months or even years! The time for sharing is usually after you have made your decisions – not before.

Follow Footsteps of Peace – Sometimes we find ourselves at a fork in the road and both paths look the same. How do we know which way to go? Or perhaps we are not at a fork in the road but feel we have our back up against the wall and are overwhelmed, unsure and fearful of what comes next. Both scenarios can come with opportunity for change and change is not to be feared. Start by simply taking a step in a direction – any direction! If you feel peace after making that move, take another step in that same direction and proceed.  If you take that first step and do not have peace, change directions!

Sometimes we feel shaky, like there is no foundation under us.  I am reminded of a scene in an Indiana Jones film where Harrison Ford must escape but there is no way out for him. Once he takes that first step the path appears under his feet. As he takes another step, the path is made clear.

Life is filled with uncertainty, but the sooner we can embrace the unknown the more we can enjoy the surrender. Life is a dance of control and release. Surrendering to the movements will allow us to hear the music that has been playing all along.