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It had been a busy week of meeting deadlines, preparing for a conference and packing when I felt an element of relief arriving at the airport.  My mind had been spinning at 100 mph with not a lot of rest.  I counted my blessings that our security check in line was not too long and due to lack of sleep, I was vaguely aware I set their alarms off three times all because of a bracelet.  Life was swirling around me while my only focus was to get on that plane just to get some rest!

I finally settled into my seat, hoping for a nap when it happened.  I felt something brush against my bare leg.  I was certain it was furry and silently prayed it wouldn’t bite me!  The cramped quarters of row 22 did not allow me to get a visual on this intruder but I figured this animal had silently escaped from his carry on cage.  I quickly glanced around the plane trying to recall any sounds of a dog or cat while boarding when it hit me.

It was a weasel!

One of those silent creepy little monsters that sneak in on you when you least expect it!

I searched the sea of faces behind me thinking I would notice the panic in the wild weasel’s owner once they realized their furry friend was on the loose!  No one even realized he had already made it to my row.  I then wondered if he had scurried back to me from the front of the plane, but no commotion there either.  Perhaps he was snuck aboard in a woman’s purse and never had a cage in the first place.  What if he bites the baby in row 18?  What if he has rabies?  What if he makes his way to the pilot, distracts the man at the controls and sends us into a nose dive 30,000 feet to our death?  I would never see my kids again, all the things I wanted to accomplish in life gone in a flash.  As this heart wrenching thought gripped my throat it happened again!  The creature brushed against my leg a second time ~ only now I was able to catch a glimpse before he got away!

It was not a wild weasel.

It was the leg of the man next to me.

Wow… how many times has your imagination gotten out of control? My Mother used to tell me a good imagination was an amazing gift.  I’m not sure I would call it that on this particular flight.  How many paths have we traveled down because a thought led to a fear that led to a frenzy?  So many unnecessary emotions have been endured because we allowed our thoughts to go down some crazy sequence of events that may or may not have even been real.  Thoughts are vehicles that can take us anywhere, but it’s up to us to decide where we want to go.  Personally I choose not to be led astray by a weasel ever again!