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Ah yes, those hallowed halls of hindrance, we’ve all walked them at some point in time.  This is a walk seldom enjoyed that usually takes place when we are trying to make a positive change in life.  This is when we have decided to grow and challenge our self, whether it be in our career, healthier options for physical strength, or perhaps a cut back in time wasting activity.  We’ve made a decision to improve but then a strange dynamic takes place and the change that is desired somehow becomes a threat.  Threat?  Threat to who?  A threat to those who struggle to control you, to the forces of habit and lethargy.  Anytime one desires to climb out of the rut, rancor and routine raise their ugly heads roaring to scare us back into the corner where we belong.

Nothing great was ever accomplished when one is crumpled in the corner unless they decide to stand up and come out fighting with everything they got!  But until that decision is made, we find ourselves trapped in corridors of confusion.  This is when people say things seemingly unaware of the pain they just inflicted, when nothing seems to make sense and ideas that seemed hopeful are now shattered by another person’s decision.  Those long dark corridors where conflict seems to have taken up residency in the soul and there’s no end in sight.  Rest is a thing of the past.

What do we do when we find ourselves or someone we love on this tough trail of torment?  What action is needed for a breakthrough that seems impossible and yet there is so much riding on the outcome?

Here are 3 steps to help:

Press Through and Do!  This is the most critical step to take in the beginning of the challenge.  Often-times people will think and think and think too long trying to analyze their predicament when in actuality by their own doing (or lack of it) become a victim of analysis paralysis.  This prevents them from taking any action at all!  They become overwhelmed and under productive.  Fear sets in and they feel as if they are in a deep dark hole with no way out.  Taking action (even if it ends up being the wrong action step) is better than no action at all.  Do whatever is in your power to do.  And do it quickly.  Motion creates more motion and will attract more movement toward the removal of feeling stuck.

Choose to accept what is!  This may seem contradictory to step one but it’s not.  We can learn to flow with what is happening rather than fight it.  Flowing with it does not mean settling for what is wrong and needs to be changed.  Flowing with the situation will keep us in a place of clarity.  When you are in a serious challenge of life you will need to see when the opportunity for breakthrough presents itself!  If we are busy fighting and whining about our situation we will never see when the life line is tossed our way!

Allow it to unfold.  There is such a thing as the gift of struggle.  Small children experience this when learning to walk.  They try, they fall, they cry and they try again until they have victory.  You may have tried a new career and have crashed – don’t stay on the ground.  Get up!  You may have had a relationship fail you – cry and try again!  Some may have lost their worldly goods and finances – this is not a time to give up this is a time to go up!  Nowhere to go but up can be a freeing experience.  Why not go for broke?  What have you got to lose really?   When you do choose to press through, you will see that the light at the end of the tunnel, for the first time in a long time is not an oncoming train!