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Life is full of seasons.  I’m not just referring to the winter, spring, summer or fall months, but seasons in business, in life, in relationships… What season are you in?

When we find ourselves in a time of winter it could look like this:  things are difficult, that which worked before isn’t working anymore.  We may feel like we driving on ice; our wheels are spinning and we have no traction.  At times we may even feel like we’re moving backwards instead of gaining new ground!  During that unwelcome weather we can brave the storm best by implementing these three steps.

Reflect – Intervals of reflection could mean that it’s time to look at what’s right and be grateful.  It’s also an opportunity to observe what’s not working and figure out why!  Maybe this is a chance to evaluate our activities.  What skills do I need to work on?  Do I see patterns emerging over and over again?  Are there cycles that I just can’t seem to break? We may not have to dig too deep to bring these to light, but as you engage in the process be sure to journal what is revealed.

Respond – Sometimes the very act of acknowledging something allows it to come forth and show itself in full blown color.  We can notice there’s an ice block but we may not see that it is merely the tip of a huge iceberg! I read a quote by Suze Orman that I just love: “Be a warrior.  Don’t turn your back on the battlefield.” What we look at and how we respond to a battle will determine whether or not we win the war! Ignoring troubled waters is a response, just a terrible one, but for many it may be their default position. Life works out better for us if we decide to engage rather than evade change.

Reboot – This is the time to create a plan of action! If there are skills I need to work on, then create a plan to sharpen those skills.  Maybe I have been neglecting certain relationships, if so, then this the time to nurture and reengage. What authors speak to the dilemma I am facing?  Read specific books that will help with that endeavor.  Attend seminars, workshops and events with a purpose!  There is a time to prepare and there is a time to push through.

Change is constant, but if we have difficulty with change it can cause us to feel like our footing is unsure.  Maybe you are reading this now and feel like you are on a foundation of shifting sand.  When we resist change that’s when we get into trouble.  The best gift we can give ourselves is the gift of letting go.

Let go of how you think things are supposed to be. Let go of how you had imagined others to respond.  Let go of unrealistic expectations and learn to embrace what is.  Only then can you navigate the unfamiliar waters of change and eventually discover there are gifts in the seasons of life no matter which season you are in today.