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How many times have you been thinking about someone and they called you?  Have you ever imagined goals, desires and dreams, written them down and then realize later you are walking them out?  Sometimes we have even attached a date to accomplish those goals only to find that we got the desired outcome by that date!

I was teaching my daughter this concept years ago and had her write 20 goals on a piece of paper.  Now at the age of eight, her goals may not have been very lofty but they were important to her.  She folded that paper and placed it in a sealed envelope in her drawer.  One year later we found that envelope and were surprised to see that she had indeed accomplished 18 of the 20 goals she had set!  Now keep in mind she never even looked at the list since the day she created it!  She simply wrote down what she desired and sent her thoughts out to the universe for completion.

We have heard the term “alone with their thoughts”, but even if someone is alone in a room, their thoughts do not stay there.  Our physical body may be sitting in that chair but our thoughts can be accomplishing great things across the planet!

We can inspire or defeat others with the thoughts we hold to be true about them.  We do this to ourselves all the time and never seem to notice the key role our thoughts play in our success as well as demise.  If you have found yourself on a negative cycle that seems to be repeating itself in life and you desire change, here are tips for transition:

Examine the thoughts you currently hold – When I am in the presence of someone who is battling illness, I am very aware of how they speak about the disease.  Oftentimes they have unconsciously chosen to own the illness.  They refer to it as “their cancer”, or “my diabetes” without ever realizing that it’s not their disease unless they want it to be.  It is a sickness that has come upon them and their own body is waiting for instructions on how to handle the invasion of the illness.  If they own it with their thoughts, the body simply obeys their words. When illness or financial distress hits, the first thing we should do is examine how we are speaking about the situation.

Extract the negative – Once we have determined that there is negativity coming from our lips we must take charge and remove the words of death and defeat!  We can’t afford to go through life declaring all the things we don’t want to have happen and expect positive results!

Exchange negative with positive – When we find ourselves in a rut of how we are “used to saying things”, being aware is the first step but changing the pattern of what we profess is the key component.  What results do you want to see?  Where do you want to live?  What success do you hope to attain?  We have the power of life and death in our tongue.  Which are you choosing with your words?

The thoughts we dwell upon, take residency in our hearts.  That which is in our heart comes out of our mouth.  If we expect bad things to happen, they will.  If we embrace the day anticipating great things will take place, they will.  If we begin with an attitude of gratitude and believe that the universe is offering us amazing opportunities, those opportunities will present themselves to us.  Your thoughts are not your own ~ they never were, nor will they ever be.